Workers' Compensation & Disability Solutions


Self-insurance can produce a substantial saving in net cost. 

Why Chose Self-insurance? 

Self-insurance can produce substantial net savings for an employer seeking to control its workers' compensation costs, especially when compared to the costs associated with the purchase of an insurance policy. Self-insured employers see a saving in cash working capital which can be used in day-to-day operations rather than remaining in the investment portfolio of an insurance carrier. Also, self-insured employers pay only their own losses - not for anyone else! 

Self-insurance offers tremendous cash savings potential in exchange for retaining risk. Before embarking on a self-insurance strategy, a plan to adequately manage this risk should be developed.  Excess workers' compensation insurance (reinsurance) can protect employers against catastrophic accidents. Cash flow protection and aggregate excess workers' compensation insurance can be purchased as additional protection.

FCS can help you design an individually tailored self-insurance program for your workers' compensation and disability coverage. A cash flow analysis can be prepared to see if this option is right for you!