Workers' Compensation & Disability Solutions


Electronic Data Interchange

On March 05, 2012, the State of New York Workers' Compensation Board ("WCB") announced its eClaims initiative to convert 100% of all workers' compensation claims to a system of electronic reporting. Changes include the elimination of the C-2, C-669, C-7, and C-8 paper forms as of February 17, 2014 for all clients of FCS Administrators, Inc. These paper forms will be replaced by the First Report of Injury ("FROI") and Subsequent Reports of Injury ("SROI") through electronic data interchange.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

FCS will be a trading partner with the WCB, which means that we are adopting the most advanced and efficient manner of reporting claims and communicating with the WCB. Our duties will include daily electronic transmissions of new and subsequent injury reports, which will be received and acknowldged by the WCB in real time.

FCS will communicate directly with the WCB, just as we currently do with federal MMSEA Section 111 reporting to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. FCS does not use a third party vendor to comply with these federal and state mandates.

Mandatory Reporting Fields

The WCB has created the C-2F form, which you can print and save for your records. This paper form has been designed to help you gather the mandatory data necessary to electronically submit a first report of injury via eClaims. The data collected on the C-2F, which will be electronically submitted to the WCB is broken into three categories: mandatory, conditional, or optional. FCS will provide the C-2F online with your identifying information pre-filled, along with a sample form which will match each data field with one of the three categories noted above). FCS will use that data, add additional coding, and then submit your FROI to the WCB.

The WCB will not accept a data submission if it is missing a mandatory field. You will no longer be able to file a paper form to the WCB to report an injury. A timely FROI will satisfy the WCB's filing requirement, but a paper C-2 or C-2F will not satisfy this requirement. 

New Reports Accessible On-line

Our clients will be able to submit their first report of injury ("FROI") through FCS's website The online system will allow an employer to submit the FROI after all mandatory data has been entered.

Enhanced Claims Reporting Features

Based upon client feedback, FCS will offer its clients the ability to save a partially completed form for completion at a later time as an enhancement to our online reporting capabilities. FCS will continue to pre-fill employer data based upon the client's user profile.

Educational Support

FCS will provide support and education to its clients as we get closer to our assigend conversation date. This is an exciting change that should serve to improve injury reporting by streamlining the process and adding efficiencies by adopting one uniform system of reporting.


Please contact Kathleen Hamilton at (716) 650-2739 or e-mail with any questions on eClaims.