Workers' Compensation & Disability Solutions


Injured Workers  

Our company administers your employer’s workers’ compensation program. If we have received your injury claim you may have received a packet containing information pertinent to your claim. Please read through it carefully. You are responsible for the information within this packet. The packet includes the following attachments:

You may be contacted by our in-house Nurse Case Manager, or by an outside nurse. Her job is to clarify your medical status and answer any questions you have relative to your treatment. Please return her phone call. 

If you are losing time from work, it is necessary for you to provide medical documentation from a doctor authorized to render treatment by the Workers’ Compensation Board. It is not our responsibility to obtain that for you. Your doctor needs to know that you are being treated for a workers’ compensation claim and that we are the administrator. Any reports submitted to us must contain your date of injury, description of how you were injured, diagnosis and disability status. 

Do not pay for any medical treatment. Your physician must submit all bills to our office. 

Treatment and diagnostic testing must be consistent with the Workers’ Compensation Board Medical Treatment Guidelines. Ensure your doctor is familiar with these rules.

All x-ray examinations, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or other radiological examinations should be performed by one of the facilities indicated within this packet. Any treatment performed at a location outside of the network that FCS Administrators has indicated may be denied. There are only two exceptions to this. If you have a medical emergency that requires one of the above treatments and you are not at one of the designated facilities. Second, if there is not a facility within a reasonable distance from either your permanent residence or place of employment. If this is your situation please contact our office immediately to make other arrangements. 

It is FCS’s policy that an injured party must produce updated medical every six months from their treating physician in order to continue medication prescribed for their workers’ compensation case. You may be sent a prescription card from one of our pharmacy benefit managers ("PBM"). This can be used at any pharmacy. FCS Administrators does not work with a pharmacy network. You can go to any pharmacy you choose for your prescription medication. If you do not automatically receive a card and would like to have one, please contact your Claims Examiner for details.

If you pay for anything out of pocket, you must produce a receipt for reimbursement.  For mileage reimbursements please click here.

If you call the office and reach a voice mail box, leave a clear message with your name, your employer’s name, phone number, and reason for calling. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. If you return to work for a different employer or have a second job from which you are not losing time, you must notify us immediately. A message in voice mail is sufficient. 

For all other questions please contact your Claims Examiner.

Please click here for additional information from the State of New York Workers' Compensation Board's webpage for injured workers.