The Medical Case Management division of FCS Administrators, Inc.

Case Management Options, a division of FCS, provides expert medical case services with our staff-certified medical case managers (“RNs”). Case management is an excellent tool to mitigate claim costs, return injured employees back to work, and monitor medical treatment.

Case Management Options’ in-house case managers offer the following services:

  • Initial contact with claimant within 24 hours of an injury occurrence
  • Interface with medical provider, employer, and injured employee for injury cases involving lost work time, head trauma, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Telephonic medical case management for prolonged or seriously injured employees
  • Light duty return-to-work strategies
  • Adherence to the Medical Treatment Guidelines
  • Prescription drug approval and monitoring
  • Negotiated reduced fees for durable medical equipment
  • Emergency room treatment interface for any serious injury
  • Claimant advocacy
  • On-site Medical case management